What’s Your Routine?

Hey fam Happy first Monday of the New Year! I hope all is well and for those of us who have been on vacation, welcome back to the working world! It’s been a great low key staycation. I, along with everyone else, am not quite ready to get back to things, but, duty calls.

I decided to get myself a better routine for the New Year. I don’t sleep well so, I decided to plan better to have more energy. I am not a morning person at all but with a child virtually learning right now, and a professor husband, who is teaching all day I needed to get my life together. Many of us have children at home now so, not only are you working from home, your also parenting and teaching 24/7. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

I decided that i would to focus on sleep and rest. I did absolutely nothing during my vacation. I laid around all day and I don’t care. I deserve it and so do you! When you have the time; take it! I also started to focus more on mediation to get to sleep, and in the morning to get me going. It changed my life! I actually have energy in the morning. Usually I am dragging until about noon and exhausted again by 4! The only routine I had prior to the lockdown mess is getting Zuri to school on time and stopping by Dunkin on the way! I’m hoping I have finally gotten it together.

If sleep is a problem try mediation. You don’t have to have a clear mind to mediate. Just rest and be present and let your body relax. I know, better said than done, but practice does help! If you have insomnia and nothing is helping make sure to check with your physician for next steps. You can also schedule your workouts closer to bed time. It often promotes great sleep. My favorite meditation right now is Jhené Aiko’s Trigger Protection Mantra.

Schedule some time for yourself in the morning. I wake up about 6 am when my husband goes to work out. This allows me to steal his side of the bed, lol, but also an hour before waking up my child for school. I mediate for a few minutes and get my day started. She has school at 8:15 and so does he. So it gets me another hour to myself before my first meeting around 9. Find those times in between classes, work, and meetings to take a little time for yourself. Even if it’s just 15 min. We often worry about the next thing we have to do. The house work can wait; your mental and emotional wellness can’t. Be good to yourself!

What are some of your routine that keep you going throughout the day?

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