I have worked in the nonprofit sector for most of my professional career. I have loved working with people in grassroots organizations. When searching for opportunities, where it’s a job change or an organization I’d like to collaborate with, I always first look at their mission statement. An organization's mission statement tells you the core values of the organization. I am very mission driven, so I chose those opportunities based on them. You can tell by a mission statement whether or not you would like to align yourself with that organization.

Many organizations also have vision statements. A vision statement will tell you the overall goal of that organization or company. It’s important to know the goals, so that you can plan your work with that organization. Vision is also important to your life, so that YOU know what you’re working towards. While creating your goals for 2021, try creating a vision board. I’ve seen some really cool lists of folks having vision board parties, and you can have them, virtually.

Begin by writing down some goals you have for this year. They don’t have to be lofty goals; you can set short term goals to get started. The point is to fill your board with all of the things you wish for yourself. Is it a new job? New car? A degree? Maybe you just want to work on yourself. This board should help you sharpen your vision for your life and help you create your own vision statement. Even if you don’t have concrete plans, creating it and looking it over should remind you of the things you want to accomplish. It should basically be a goal guide. Looking at my vision board reminds me of all the things I want to be and do. The more I sit with it, the harder I work. Think about your vision. If you were on the outside looking in, would you want to be aligned with your vision statement? Shift your focus in 2021 and sharpen your vision!

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