The Brunch: Nina

New message, 10:45 p.m.

“Nina, this is D. I apologize for calling you so late. I would like to talk to you and explain things. I hope you made it home okay. You left in such a rush. I didn't get the chance to discuss things with you. I want you to know that I really think you and Manny would make a great couple. Please return my call. Just give me a chance to explain.”

This cannot be life. D has left several messages on my phone. It's downright harassment. I don't even know what he could actually say at this point. How do you go from wineing and dining me to setting me up with your friend? I keep replaying the last few months over and over in my head, and I can't come to terms with what I could've missed. I know I've been out of this dating game for a while, but I'm not stupid. I don't understand at all. Meanwhile, I have to get ready for Sunday brunch with the girls. I hope Sanja doesn't make it today. She even had the nerve to call me last night after the ridiculous crap she said. I also have a hangover.

I get up and begin getting ready for brunch, when my phone buzzes. It's Maya with her happy go lucky self,  reminding us all of brunch. I respond to let her know I will see her soon. Sanja states the same. Oh, hell, now I have to deal with her. I leave the house and head to the restaurant. Neruda's is our favorite place for brunch. We have had the same table every weekend for more than a year. Nicole found it right when they opened. The family who owns it lives in her neighborhood,  and she's all about local and black owned businesses. I walk in and I am greeted by Mr. Monroe. He is the patriarch of the family and the owner of Neruda's.

"Hello, Miss Nina, How are we doing today?"

He says.

"Blessed and highly favored, Mr. Monroe and yourself? How's Mrs. Monroe?" I say.

"She's wonderful," he replies. "She's in the back, taking inventory. I'll make sure she comes out to say hello soon. How are those wonderful children you are raising?"

With a beaming smile, I respond. "They are wonderful. They are with their dad this week, so it's very quiet at home. My kids are my whole world."

Mr. Monroe smiles. "It's nice to see that you all are co-parenting so well."

I just smile. He has no idea what it took for me and my ex to get to this place of co-parenting. I say goodbye to Mr. Monroe and head to the table to meet the girls. I get angry all over again, when I see Sanja with her uppity smile on her face. I just want to slap her. I can't believe the audacity to show up today after being so judgemental last night.

"Hello, ladies," I say flatly.

"How are you?" Maya responds with peppiness. "I am great! The class went great this morning.

I'm sorry I couldn't make it this morning. I'm so proud of what you're doing. How is business going?" I say.

Maya proceeds to fill me in on the wonderful things happening at SoulYoga.

Sanja then chimes in, "How are you, Nina?'

Are you feeling any better today?" She says.

I have some choice words for her. I'm not going to turn up inside this wonderful establishment, but we will have this conversation.

"I’m okay, Sanja. How are you after being completely rude and inappropriate in my house last night?" I say.

With her eyes wide, she begins to explain herself. Always the victim, she explains how she did not express herself correctly, and she didn't mean anything by it.

I respond, "Sanja, stop with the dramatics. I will not argue here in this establishment, but you and I will have this conversation. You know exactly what you said and what you meant. You were being messy and judgemental as always. You and I will never be friends. You are Nicole's friend, and she continues to push you on us every chance she gets." From this point on, I reply, keeping my voice low and controlled, "You are no longer allowed in my home. I will tolerate you when we have to be in the same place because of my friendship with Nicole. Don't invite me to any of your fake soiree’s at your house you can barely afford with people you will never measure up to. You are not my kind of people. You are the worst kind of people. You think you're better than everyone because you followed backwards ass rules about how life's supposed to be. When, in reality, you wish you had my life. You wish you had the courage to leave your cheating ass, broke husband, but you can't."

"Wait, whoa, Nina," Maya interjects.

"Maya, shut it," I say, my voice still in control.

"I don't know who you think your bougie ass is fooling. You’re a miserable woman who isn't even using the talent you have to better yourself, who would rather keep up appearances than get a job and help her husband pay the bills, in a house you made him buy. You're a fraud, and I don't deal with frauds."

Sanja sits there, stunned. Maya sits with her mouth open. No one else even notices what has just transpired at our table.

"Maya, I will call you later. Sanja, be blessed." I say.

I get up and leave the table. I have had enough, and I'm not about to break bread with this woman. Nicole is going to have to learn to make better friends. I realize she isn't here yet, but I'm not about to wait around for her. As I leave, I say hello and goodbye to Mrs. Monroe and go on with my day.

I get in my car, and my phone begins to ring in my bluetooth. It is D. I just so eloquently cursed out one person today. I feel like he could be number two.

I answer, "Hello…"

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