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I am just writing to give y'all a quick update. It has been a very eventful month. I have been to probably about 20 doctor appointments over the last month since I have been diagnosed. Through it all I continue to pray and lean on God. It is the only way I am getting through it. I have a supportive family who has been by my side the entire time and a work family. They have been more like family through :).

So, on to my update. The cancer is confined to my breast. There are other small masses in my breast other than the one we already know to be cancer. It is the most common cancer and per my hormone receptors, will respond well to treatments. The others, are unknown and since I am having surgery to remove and reconstruct both breasts, I am not having them biopsied. However, I will go through chemo for four months. I had the choice of before and after. I have chosen to have it before. I will have surgery one month after my final chemo treatment. I want my surgery to be the end of this process. I will most likely start chemo by the end of this month. Next Friday I will have my port put in. Please send me recommendations on books to read or Netflix shows to watch. I will have some extra time on my hands.

Thank you for the well wishes, prayers, kind words and positive vibes that you all send. It really helps to know that I have people in my corner. Also thank you for understanding that I needed to get my journey out through my blog. Having to contact everyone I know individually is a hard thing to do. Aside from parents and siblings, I had other family members spread this news. If you know me well, you understand and accept that.

It has only been one month and it feels like a lifetime. My team of physicians have moved very quickly on this. They expect a full recovery and of course I will be on maintainence medications for a while afterwards. I understand that everyone has their views on cancer medications, what they do and what they don't. I have full faith in God on my decision. My husband and I took our time to look over my pathology, biopsy, CT results and the unknown of the other masses in my breast. We prayed and we made the decision that is best for me and my health. I appreciate the concern, but I cannot take the feelings of anyone else into account. Thank you for respecting that.

Thank you all for being so supportive. I will continue to upate but only through my blog.

Peace and Love


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