Updated: Jan 3

Happy Saturday! Today we are focusing on being grateful. While there are plenty of things right now that can cause us to feel down, rightly so, there are many reasons to be grateful.

Focusing on the things you appreciate in life can take you a step further on your journey. When you look at the positive, your thought process starts to change, you begin to feel that positivity, and you see the good in every day, even if it’s a bad day. You’ll start to see positive changes. So let’s start this year by focusing on five things we should always be grateful for: Family I am grateful for my family. Even if you are apart, or your family members live in another state, or maybe you haven’t spoken in a while. Many families have internal struggles that most people know nothing about. During this time of isolation, it is a great time to get your thoughts in order about how to reach out and open the lines of communication. We have seen so many people lose their loved ones this year. Be grateful for the family you have and continue to make those relationships better. Health

Please don’t take your health for granted. I know it’s a struggle to stay in the house and discontinue our normal routines, but your health is important. Follow all CDC guidelines and keep yourself safe. Also, read up about certain tests and exams that are needed (blood pressure, mammograms, colonoscopy, blood work...) to ensure that you're on the right track. It's imperative that you focus on your health, now more than ever. Your mental health is also important. Being in isolation for so long, taking care of your children, being an essential worker, and this country's current condition, is enough to drive even the happiest person crazy. Check in with your physician, therapist, psychiatrist and if you don’t currently see someone, get the name of a good counselor. You don’t have to have any issues to speak to someone. It’s always good to talk to someone impartial about your feelings. Friends Be grateful for the friends you have. Even if you can’t see them in person right now. Try to schedule virtual night outs, coffee dates, and exercise classes. There are many ways to reach out and connect these days. Life Be grateful for life! We have seen in this past year that life is fragile and precious. Be grateful everyday for your heartbeat, that your eyes open, and that you have a new opportunity to write a new story. Choice You and only you have the choice to be happy each day. You have the power to control how you see the world. Yes, there will be ups and downs. That’s a given; however, you have the choice of how you respond, how much energy you give negative things, and how you deal with it all. Make a choice to rise above negativity, choose happy, and be grateful for all that you have. Peace and Love

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