Forward 2021

Updated: Jan 3

None of us could have imagined having this year end this way. We all brought in 2020 with new hope and possibility. Although this year has turned us all upside down, it wasn’t all bad.

2020 leaving in a few hours doesn’t change the state of our lives. All of this ugliness will not just magically go away, although I’ll be happy if I’m wrong. It’s important to think about the opportunities we have had. Some have had the chance to grow, whether that be mentally, emotionally, professionally and financially. Some have been able to grow closer to loved ones, find new ways to communicate and learn.

Our children, while it may be hard, have amazed us in so many ways in dealing with isolation and virtual learning. Some families have been able to break down barriers in communication and heal relationships.

Move forward with the good and leave the bad in 2020. Let’s keep growing people! Happy 2020❤️

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