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Updated: Jan 3

Welcome to a new month and a new year of possibilities. Hopefully you woke up this morning with a new sense of hope and restored energy. I am happy to say I have. It’s a chance to begin new things, find new interest and create a new focus.

I’ve decided to challenge myself on a few things this year. The first of those things is my writing. I love the idea of blogging and sharing my thoughts and life journey. However, I don’t do it as often as I should. So, I am going to post a mini blog each day for the month of January. I’m going to make this a habit. Each day, the post will be dedicated to something I am working on personally. Hopefully, my journey and story will bless someone else to start their own.

January 1, 2021-FOCUS

I will be come more focused. This morning I began a routine of getting up, meditating and working out. Within an hour and a half my mind felt sharper. I have energy and I felt the need to do something with that energy. I am stuck in the house, like everyone else and I’d love to be anywhere else but in the house for the millionth day in a row. So, all the energy I could use for complaining I’m going to use for something else; anything else.

When you begin to think about your own journey, think about all of the time that you spend scrolling social media. All of that time could be put into something more productive.

Question to ponder today: What is something else that you can focus on?


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