How easy is it to get caught up in all this mess in the world? Super easy! Yup! Zapped all my energy yesterday reading about the run off election, the electoral college and this damn virus! I just allowed myself from step right in to this crazy and went down a two hour rabbit hole. And ya know what it did? Ya know what happened? My whole mood was off and I started thinking of ways to create a bunker, getting the details about becoming and expat, exploring life in Ghana and then realized I needed to get to sleep because I have to “virtually work” in the morning.

*Long, drawn out, exhausted sigh*

I say all of that to say, protect your energy at all costs. Everything going on in this world right now is enough to drive anyone over the edge. Even though we are living with the remnants of 2020, doesn’t mean we have to actually live there. It’s hard to ignore, but I had to tell myself that it isn’t worth my time, nor healthy to go down political and conspiracy theory rabbit holes at 1 a.m.

Your energy is what’s going to get you through the day. Be careful where you spend it and who you spend it on. Most of the issues we spend out time thinking about aren’t worth it. Let’s focus on shifting our energy to positivity!

Now, let’s mediate and pray!

Make it a great one. Peace and Love

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